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    September 15, 2008



    I think hindsight can be such a wonderful blessing, it gives us the opportunity to look back with a mature perspective. What a wonderful memory you have of those carefree youthful days. Thanks for sharing!


    What a sweet memory to share with us! Mom's are such important women in our lives... and such blessings! It sounds like she was a beautiful woman. *smile*

    Rena Gunther


    Your posts move me. I did not grow up on the beach as you did. But as I've mentioned before, I am a love of the ocean. I often wonder if my mansion in Heaven will be a waterfront Beachhouse sort of mansion.

    I'm longing for the ocean so badly! I can't stand it! My oldest daughter is in South Carolina for basic training. After she left, I immediately thought about Googling maps to see how far she is from a beach. :) Couldn't hurt to work in a beach trip at Graduation, could it? 'Course it will be around Thanksgiving. But I don't care. Just being there evokes a feeling of calm.

    ...I love reading your stories...



    Your mom sounds like a wise woman. Thanks for sharing. I love the sound of the surf; nothing like it!

    Justine Cricks

    Oh, it made me miss my Mommy back home more. When I was younger, we would usually set our feet on shore and enjoy the cold breeze while waiting for the sun to set. And I also miss us, doing all the lady things like shopping and going to spa and salon. Oh, how I badly miss her again.

    Donna Parsley

    My mom also used to take me to the beach almost everyday, since we live very close to it. I grew up with salt air in my lungs. Now that I'm older, I'm the one who takes my mom to the beach. It's nice to live close to such a beautiful ocean.

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