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    September 23, 2008



    Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, it is always a nice change of pace to dwell on the small things we remember from simpler times.


    Happy belated birthday! I just found the link to your blog on your Etsy shop. I'm looking forward to reading more.


    Jen at Visions & Verses

    Oh, you don't sound so old to me! The tough part is saying things like "I remember playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends in the summer, listening to the Grease album on the record player and eating Bugles" and your kids respond "playing what? listening to who on the what, eating what now?!" My son was recently asking me about the odd, old-fashioned machine called 'word processor' that he heard about in typing class! How can 20 years be such a time warp?


    Happy Beeeeeelated Birthday!

    Jen b

    happy belated b-day. i love this list. it is so fun to think back and do this kind of thing once in a while isn't it? :)

    Leigh gray

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog... Love to see you back! Love, Leigh

    Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories

    Hi there! Thank you for stopping by tonight and leaving me a comment!

    This list is fantastic...what a great idea to spend some time thinking about the things we love...I know I need to do that more often. I was reading through your list and thinking, "Yep - me too!" on so many of them

    Very nice to meet you!


    Thanks for your comments on my blog. :) Oddly enough, I happened to be looking at your Etsy Shop last night before I saw your comment! I was looking up paper dolls and came upon yours. I love them, and was going to post about them. What a coincidence.

    Sandra Hersey

    I enjoyed reading your favorite things. I smiled as so many are my favorites too! I am sorry you do not live closer because I have a huge box of Ball canning jars right now I need to give away! Thanks for sharing!
    Sandra Hersey


    This made me smile:) Big! and even laugh a little, some of your favorite things are mine as well. By the time I got down to corn-dogs, I was laughing out loud with the pleasure this post brought me. Very sweet. I could go on and on about such things too and thought of how similar we are without even knowing one another. God is good!

    Oh yeah, thanks for stopping by my blog too!

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